Indpendently minded and independently made.

We do things our own way. Not the quick way. Not the easy way. But the right way. And that takes time. It’s what makes us as refreshingly real as our herefordshire cider. What we stand for means something. For five generations we’ve been going beyond, striving to be genuinely better.

Expertise in our ciders

From fruit tree to glass. And everything in between.
There’s more to making great cider than just fermentation and vats. Every part of the process matters. The type of fruit, the way it’s grown, when it’s picked, how long juice is stored. We do things our own, unhurried way – the right way – to deliver the perfect taste in your glass.

The Cider Maker

“What makes Westons Cider unique? A commitment to doing things the right way. It takes time, but we can do this because we’re independent. For instance, we’ve invested in juice storage which allows us to develop great flavour profiles. Some of our liquids can be matured for up to 18 months. This freedom to marry traditional techniques with the best modern technology is why I love being a Cider Maker.”
– Guy Lawrence, Cider Maker & 5th generation of the Weston family

Year-round Orcharding

Each autumn we need over 20,000 tonnes of fruit to press. Maintaining orchards is a year-round job.
The Farm Team takes care of the trees, pruning in mid-winter, monitoring the bees and blossom pollination in spring. In summer it’s all about keeping a close check on the fruit trees, ensuring perfect condition before starting the harvest in autumn.

Autumn Harvesting

We’re picky about picking the right apples. So all of the fruit is sourced locally.
Using traditional bittersweet apples give us that authentic, refreshing taste. In addition to our own orchards, we also have fantastic local growers who supply us with premium fruit. It’s all about provenance and trust – some have been working with us for generations.

Seasonal Milling & Pressing

From September through to December, our mill opens its gates for the harvested fruit.
It allows us to take in the many cider apple varieties once they are ripe and picked. After careful washing, fruit is milled into pulp. At peak flow, we generate up to 40 tonnes per hour. Pressing the pulp extracts the pure, fresh juice, ready for fermentation.

Closely Watched Fermenting

Large stainless steel tanks begin the fermentation process – the time needed to give ciders their true character. The stainless steel tanks keep the juice under control and allow for a consistent flavour, time and time again. When ready, the juice can then be transferred into oak vats to mature.

Up to 18 months maturation

We give our ciders more time to mature. Always have. Always will.
Once fermentation has happened, cider needs to be aged to develop its character and depth. Stored in oak vats, the liquid is matured for up to 18 months. Some vats are over 200 years old. The largest vat is called Squeak and holds 42,107 imperial gallons (191,422 liters).OUR OAK VATS
Our silent, standing giants are the place for flavours to work their magic. The oak imparts authentic flavours to the liquid during the maturation period. It’s a traditional method of cider-making that makes all the difference to taste.
43 VATS: The largest cider collection in the UK
336,000 PINTS OF CIDER: contained alone in Squeak, our largest vat
200 YEARS OLD: Some of our Vats are that ‘vintage’

The Director

“Our oak vat collection has continued to grow since 1880. Some of the vats were purchased over the years from other producers and distilleries. The vat house takes me back to my childhood; it remains a favourite part of the business for me. It certainly was an interesting place to be, growing up on a cider farm.”
– Tim Weston, Director & 4th generation of the Weston family