The Home Of British Beer

Imperial Pint specialises in the import of British beer and British beer culture to Taiwan, importing more British breweries and cideries than anyone else and doing it in a quintessentially British way!

18th century Imperial Britain was a time and place that saw three great additions to the world of beer; Porters, Stouts and IPAs! More than 200 years later Porters, Stouts and IPAs have travelled the world and are now the mainstay of many breweries in the modern day craft revolution.

The name Imperial Pint is a nod to this great brewing heritage, but also a tongue in cheek reminder – for those in the know, an Imperial Pint was the standard beer glass used at the time – equal to 568ml of beer, its 20% larger than a US pint! Similarly we hope our beers can give you that little bit extra too!

And that’s exactly why we embarked on this crusade; because Taiwanese drinkers had for too long had too few choices when it came to British beer and cider. We wanted more, so had no choice but to change things ourselves by bringing our favourite beers and ciders to Taiwan; from the traditional, hardy classics right through to the latest, cutting edge craft.

Whilst some of our breweries boast close to 200 years of history, others have only two. Some have generations of brewing know-how whilst others showcase the youngest and most innovative of talents. Some use traditional hand made barrels whilst others use the latest technology in pursuit of perfection. All of them offer something that’s well considered and well crafted.

So we too take pride in our selection of beers and ciders; well considered and well cared for. We offer a style for every drinker, a beer for every occasion and an experience for every moment you share with friends.

Welcome to Imperial Pint: the home of British beer!

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