Imperial Thinking, Imperial Drinking

Imperial Britain was a time and place that saw four great additions to the world of beer; Porters, Stouts, Indian Pale Ales (IPAs) and Beerhouses! In the 18th century gorgeously rich Porters and Stouts first came to prominence in London, whilst the ever-aromatic IPA was crafted for lengthy voyages overseas. More than 200 years later, Porters, Stouts and IPAs have travelled the world and are now the mainstay of many breweries in the modern day craft revolution.

But what of Beerhouses? The idea that anyone could brew beer in their own home and sell to those who cared to join them helped shape the British beer drinking concept. To this day the Great British pub, or simply ‘the local’ as its so often called, differs greatly from its counterparts around the world. Men and women, young and old, come together not to drink, but to socialise whilst drinking. Focussing not just on the hops or the volume, but each other.

And this is the ethos behind Imperial Pint – we’re here to provide you with not just great beer, but great beer culture.

‘Imperial Thinking, Imperial Drinking’ can mean only the greatest possible beers and ciders; not just in terms of their ingredients and brewery’s provenance, but their ability to make us all drink in the best way possible – together!

Cheers to that!

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